Three weeks ago I was invited by Bare Origin Skincare‘s founder Nena Stojova to attend her release party. I was surprised yet delighted at the kind offer from her for me to be part of her special event. We had never met before but we connected on instagram over our love for pure natural ingredients. We both are social entrepreneurs and believe that being good to your self can also mean being good to other people.

Nenas event was a success, it was hosted by Lisette at Flo Interiors in Södermalm,Stockholm. There were loads of people that tried our products. It was great to actually see the face-to-face reaction people when they applied the body butter/raw shea butter and answer their questions. Getting instant feedback is golden and you get to interact with potential customers.

Live events vs online store

When you sell products online you don’t get this level of interaction or engagements. This can be frustrating because you don’t know what your customers think about your products. Luckily, I have gotten some feedback from people that have bought the products online and that has been great. However, it is not instant as if I had a brick and mortar store or if it was a live event.

What to do when you only sell your products online?

As I don’t have the resources I will not be able to invest in a physical store, but I want to be able to interact with my customer so I think attending live events is a great opportunity to not only get instant feedback but also to market your brand.

Examples of live events:

Trade shows (more for building networks and marketing than sales)

Markets (flea, craft, trade days, Christmas markets, bazaars etc)

Fairs (street fair, festivals, creative fairs)

Special events (like for instance Nana’s release party)

Bare Origin skincare live events - release party
explaining to customers about the ingredients
Mino collective products at live events
Beautiful and tasty raw cake at live events

Photos taken by Katriina Mäkinen

Mino Collective at LeNoire Creative Week

Last Saturday I attended LeNoir Creative week as a vendor. I also sponsored the event with some free samples for the goodie bags, which was a great way to directly market to potential customers.

Le Noir Creative Week is an annual event and platform created to promote and highlight creativity inspired by Africa and other minorities within Scandinavia. It was amazing to see all the talented designers creations, to socialise and meet other creative.

I got a chance to get some instant feedback about the products, sell and network. I met a lot of interesting people that I’ll keep in touch with!

I don’t have any more live events planned in the calendar but I know of a potential one in November and I will probably try to get involved with a local Christmas market.

I think this is a great channel to use to grow your brand and next year I’ll try to do more of it!

Products at lenoir creative week live events
Mino Colleective roll up used at live events

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