This month Formula Botanica have launched a competition to celebrate Organic September! I have the opportunity to win a scholarship and enrol in their organic skincare entrepreneur course!

When I saw this I knew I had to enter! This is such a good opportunity! Actually enrolling in this course is part of my long term goals. I have been part of Lorraine Dallmeier’s (formula botanica’s founder and director) Skincare Entrepreneur Mastermind group since October last year. It’s a community of aspiring/established skincare entrepreneurs and ever since I joined last year I’ve had nothing but support and I’ve learned a great deal.

This is a tremendous opportunity to get valuable knowledge and access to a community of other students. I would get the chance to develop my formulation skills, receive support from experts in the field and further develop my knowledge in the science of skincare.

I am doing quite well in the formula botanica competition, I am in the top 10 with 2K votes. The top 10 contestants participate in the second stage of the competition where you get to create a video and pitch to a panel of judges!! But there is 5 days left and anything cant happen.

My ask from you is to vote for me in the Formula Botanica Competition

All you have to do is to press the Like button on the page it takes less than 30 seconds, CLICK HERE to get to the contest page.

My goal is to develop a Mino skincare and hair care line with the same concept and values as the company holds now.

– Green, natural and organic
– Transparency
– Ethical and fair sourcing
– Positive impact along the supply chain from bottom to top
– Giving back to the community

I want to reach and expand the conscious community. I know a lot people are becoming more and more aware of the chemicals and not-so-great ingredients in cosmetic products. Yet, that is only part of the equation, we also need to focus on fair and ethical sourcing which necessarily don’t equate fair trade certification.

I believe it’s important to be close to producers of ingredients and ensure that they have the right processes, tools and remuneration for their work. I believe that transparency is the best way of ensuring that all the people you serve – customers and suppliers get the best value possible.

Keep your fingers crossed for me! 🙂 🙂

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